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Why Your Uniforms Should Be Professionally Destroyed

A company uniform is great source of pride and professionalism. As well as ensuring all employees are presented consistently and equally, it is an extension of your company’s branding and image.

The time will come eventually when uniforms are no longer suitable for use, and need to be returned and disposed of. This could be a staff member’s resignation, uniforms may simply become damaged from wear and tear, or you have rebranded and it’s now obsolete. Whatever the reason it is crucial to ensure that both the uniforms are returned, and that they are disposed of thoughtfully and securely.

Risk factors associated with allowing ex-staff to retain their old uniform are numerous. These uniforms that so perfectly represent your business could fall into the wrong hands, and have the potential to used in elaborate schemes such as impersonation of staff members, identity theft, or even illegal activities. To lesser degree, misuse of uniforms could accidentally and inadvertently damage your company’s reputation.

Examples of high risk industries where uniforms should be securely destroyed include; police and emergency services, security officers, uniforms with corporate logos, bank and armored truck staff, airlines and the military.

To ensure that no whole or intact uniforms end up in landfill complete and secure destruction is recommended. This includes any shirts, hats, helmets, or shoes – essentially any item of clothing that carries your branding. We can even securely destroy other items such as security passes, identification badges, company credit cards, and branded merchandise. Once uniforms have been destroyed, depending on the material, the cross-shredded end product can often be used in recycled products.

By making the decision to thoughtfully and securely dispose of obsolete uniforms, you are taking steps to protect your brand identity, protect your employees from harm, and aid in protecting the environment.

You can learn more about CDD Uniform and Product Destruction here.

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