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Serving Melbourne CBD and Suburbs since 1994

Alex Teregonis, CEO of Corporate Document Destruction was born to Greek migrant parents in the late 1960’s. He grew up in Northcote and in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

alex teregonis

In 1984, at the end of my HSC year I worked as a salesman in a picture framing store in Northcote where I cut my “customer service teeth” and learned great customer service skills that I still use each and every day.

Technology was changing rapidly, so a few years later I approached an electrical retailer in my neighbourhood for a sales position because I wanted to sell more technically challenging, higher ticket items. About 4 years into that role I sold a color television to a medical equipment sales representative who had an installation problem when it was delivered. Much to his and his wife's delight, I resolved his issue swiftly and he encouraged me to meet a colleague of his who was the General Manager of a medical equipment manufacturing company who subsequently offered me a sales representative position.

I successfully sold medical equipment as I climbed the corporate ladder for the next 12 years. My ultimate dream however was to work for myself, so in 2001 I put down all my savings, plus a little more and purchased Corporate Document Destruction from a family member who was responsible for its establishment in 1994.

I felt that I could bring a corporate approach to confidential paper destruction and offer responsible solutions to an environmental issue that was within my reach, whilst keeping the business in the family.

Today, the greatest pleasure and reward comes from the people's voices I recognise when I answer the phone who are calling back year after year because they trust us to securely manage and destroy their sensitive documents, products or electronic media. 

Thank you for recognising our efforts and our passion and respect for the environment!

Keeping your business, your business.®

It has been my pleasure and indeed a privilege to conduct business with Alex and his Corporate Document Destruction service He has been most cooperative and discreet when certain requirements were necessary, both in my Dental Profession and my AFL administrative life. But more than that he has become a member of our team with his very pleasing and warm personality.

Our circumstances have changed, but wherever the future takes us we will use every endeavour to recommend his services to other business clients who may be seeking new fields.

Dr. Allen Aylett OBE
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