Secure Customs and Import Destruction

All goods imported into Australia are required to meet strict legislative requirements as set and enforced by Customs Australia. Since 2005 Corporate Document Destruction has been engaged by Customs Australia to undertake the important task of destroying goods that are deemed to not comply with current importing regulations.

When it comes to destroying imported goods that do not meet Australia’s strict requirements, security is paramount.

There are very important reasons why a product may be deemed as non-compliant with Australian standards. The secure destruction and shredding of these products is the only way to ensure that they do not end up in the open marketplace or on the black market. The products maybe deemed unsafe by Australian safety standards, recalled due to a manufacturing fault, or confiscated, counterfeit ‘fake’ goods, e.g. fake designer handbags or designer garments.

Safe, Secure, Sustainable Product Destruction

At Corporate Document Destruction we collect any seized products directly from Australian Customs in a 100% secure, GPS-tracked truck. They are then shredded so thoroughly that they end up as completely unidentifiable shredded matter -- with most of the resulting material being able to be sustainably recycled.

Read more about the product destruction process here.

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We have been using the secure shredding services of CDD for over 8 years and have at all times found such services to be times, efficient, courteous and competitive.

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