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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

We get a lot of similar questions from our customers, so we decided to compile them in a handy set of FAQs. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please call us on 03 9460 9800 for a completely obligation-free chat about your paper shredding or document destruction needs.

What types of documents and items do you destroy?

Our document destruction service covers just about anything that you might need to destroy in a typical business office, retail business, government department, educational institution, or private home office. The following list below is by no means completely comprehensive so please contact us at 03 9460 9800 to ask about anything else you may need to destroy.

  • Paper (all types)
  • Books and magazines
  • Files
  • Stationery
  • Obsolete marketing collateral: stickers, labels, business cards, etc.
  • Medical records and X-rays
  • Plastics
  • Ring binders and folders
  • Video tapes, DVDs, CDs
  • Film and microfiche
  • Computer hard drives and CDR discs
  • All computers and related equipment: printers, external hard drives etc.
  • Uniforms, designer clothing, counterfeit or ‘knock off’ merchandise
    …and much, much more!

Are there any items that you DON’T destroy?

We can destroy almost anything that needs destroying but if you have materials that you would like to destroy that are not on the list above, then please call us on 03 9460 9800 or send us an email.

Do you also recycle the paper that you collect?

Yes. All waste paper that we collect from your business is not only securely shredded but also 100% recycled into new products. Your waste paper is actually a valuable resource that directly prevents forests from being cut down. That’s no small thing!

Your paper is transformed into a variety of products such as toilet paper, kitty litter, paper towels, cardboard… the list goes on. But the great thing is that you’ll gain peace of mind and confidence knowing that you’re doing the right thing by the environment and our future. 

How is your shredded waste paper recycled?

While we would love to do all of our recycling in-house we realise that it’s not our expertise. That’s why we take all of our shredded paper (and any other materials that can be recycled) to various local recycling plants specialising in the specific material being destroyed plant.

“Visy has invested millions of dollars in developing ways to collect, sort and process recyclable materials and enable the creation of new products from what is discarded by households, schools and businesses.” - Read more about VISY here.

Do you also destroy plastics?

Yes. Including all CDs, DVDs, CDRs, USB ‘thumb’ drives, and other types of plastic e-Waste. We also destroy and recycle most plastic folders and laminated brochures.

What kind of containers do you use for document collection?

We collect materials for paper shredding, e-Waste destruction and uniform disposal, from any of the following containers:

  • Supplied 240 litre or 120 litre mobile lockable wheelie bins
  • Supplied 60 litre bags
  • Supplied 660 litre steel crates
  • Archive boxes
  • Shipping containers
  • Palletised material
  • Enveloped material
  • Packaging boxes
  • Loose material

If you’re concerned that we might not be able to collect your container, contact us by email or call us on 03 9460 9800 and we will be happy to discuss any special requirements.

Can I be assured you will be on prompt and timely?

Yes. Corporate Document Destruction has always been dedicated to providing a prompt service so if you require a scheduled service, we can assure you we will always be on time.

Can you pick up same day?

Yes if you get in touch with us earlier in the day, preferably before 12 noon.

Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?

Any and all of our destruction services, including paper shredding, uniform and garment destruction, e-Waste and computer recycling, and medical records destruction -- include a Certificate of Destruction that is emailed to you upon completion of the items.

Do I really need a Certificate of Destruction?

By producing a Certificate of Destruction, we are providing legal evidence that we have absolutely destroyed the documents or items in question. A shredding company cannot issue this Certificate without having disposed of the documents so therefore, a business should never simply accept that their documents have been destroyed without receiving this certificate.

If we need regularly scheduled document destruction collection, do we need to put our bins out on the street?

We don’t recommend this for security reasons. We provide a complete document destruction service --from desk-to-destruction--, collecting your material from inside your office itself. This is a critical service for sensitive material and we assure you, with our secure GPS-tracked vehicles and state-of-the-art facility security, that we will keep your documents secure until they are completely destroyed.

Contact us by email or call us on 03 9460 9800 to discuss your specific security requirements.

Do you recycle after document destruction

The byproduct from the document destruction process is completely recycled, reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

How long am I meant to keep documents before destroying them?

It depends on the documents you are intending to dispose of. You should consult directly with your accountant or the relevant industry body that the document is concerned with to be absolutely clear.

General time-frame guidelines for record keeping is as follows:

  • For financial and accounting records, seven years is typically a minimum period.
  • Taxation records usually have a five-year minimum.
  • Corporate records, such as list of members and minutes, are usually kept for five years.
  • For assets that are subject to Capital Gains Tax, you should have records for five years after the disposal of the asset.
  • Payroll Tax documents should be kept for a minimum of five years.
  • Fringe benefits tax records should be kept for seven years.
  • Workers’ compensation records should be kept indefinitely since employees may make claims on previous employers until the employee’s death.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you destroy documents before you are allowed to and you are requested to produce them, you may have committed a criminal offence.

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