Designer Clothing Destruction & Garment Shredding

The scourge of the fashion industry are counterfeit or fake designer goods flooding the market to damage an established and respected brand’s reputation. Being so close to Asia, where most counterfeit products are made, this is a big problem in Australia. Your brand’s integrity and prosperity may depend on the rapid and complete secure destruction of all counterfeit items.

Also, unsold or obsolete designer clothes and accessories may also be a risk to your brand. If you have a pile of last season’s style stacking up in the warehouse, it may be time to consider shredding and disposal to make way for new stock.

Destruction of Designer Clothing and Branded Goods

Help protect your hard-won brand identity by ensuring that all clothing and goods are thoroughly destroyed in a highly secure manner. At Corporate Document Destruction we can shred and dispose of almost anything:

  • Garments, shoes, and handbags
  • Belts, jewellery, and other accessories
  • Faulty products, prototypes, samples
  • Damaged goods and production run-ons
  • Fake clothing, handbags and accessories
  • … All materials recycled whenever possible

Your items’ destruction, disposal and subsequent recycling will be conducted in the most efficient, eco-friendly and economical manner. All items are destroyed within EPA Guidelines and fully recycled where possible. After shredding is complete, you’ll be issued with a Certificate of Destruction to confirm that your items have been fully destroyed.

Keeping your business, your business.®

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance with this project. It was quite demanding and required a fairly big effort from yourself the rest of your team.

I believe I will be contacting you again in perhaps 2-4 weeks with a view to destroying additional tapes. As the previous task was fairly large, I will endeavour to reduce the quantity per day of destruction, so we may have another 2 trips to plan. Nonetheless, as soon as we are ready, I’ll be in touch.

Consignment Security Manager, Note Printing Australia Ltd
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