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The Importance of Disposing Your e-Waste Correctly

When disposing of “e-Waste”, it is important to do so with the same level of care and consideration as you would if you were disposing of hard-copy printed documents. e-Waste can retain confidential information that can be extracted by hackers and experts long after the device stops working.

What is e-Waste?

e-Waste is “any data storage device with or without a plug, battery or cord, that is no longer working or wanted” – this includes anything from basic peripherals like keyboards and monitors, to something more sophisticated like an external hard drive or a photocopier.

e-Waste can even extend to non-electrical mediums like old CD and DVD backups. Anything that can contain sensitive information long after it has been thrown away or sent to be recycled has potential to have the information contained within extracted by unintended third parties.

Why is this data sensitive?

Long after a device stops working, it is still quite possible to forensically retrieve the data stored inside it.

While difficult to access on your own without the help of a professional data recovery service, this is a simple task for those wishing to access your personal information for nefarious purposes. e-Waste is much more lucrative to identity thieves than paper as a simple USB stick can hold hundreds, if not thousands of files. The safest solution is to have the data device securely destroyed and the peripherals recycled using our secure destruction services at Corporate Document Destruction.

We offer a complete e-Waste destruction service that remains 100% secure from collection right through to destruction and eventual recycling of waste materials giving you fast, efficient and secure destruction of all digital records.

Why we need to recycle e-Waste?

The many benefits to recycling your e-waste range from reducing landfill right through to

re-using the many valuable materials within your devices. Electric goods contain many precious metals such as tin, copper, nickel, silver, zinc, gold, aluminum and platinum, all of which can be used again.

While each device may only contain a very small amount of each of these metals, once you collect the huge number of devices that are thrown out every year, this starts to add up very quickly.

By reusing these non-renewable substances which have already been removed from the earth, we are cutting costs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (through mining, processing and transport), and can reuse the materials endlessly.

Much of the peripheral equipment is assessed for its integrity and passed onto to various global recycling streams eventually finding its way to users in underprivileged countries.

Book your confidential e-Waste destruction through Corporate Document Destruction now and make a positive contribution to our planet.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance with this project. It was quite demanding and required a fairly big effort from yourself the rest of your team.

I believe I will be contacting you again in perhaps 2-4 weeks with a view to destroying additional tapes. As the previous task was fairly large, I will endeavour to reduce the quantity per day of destruction, so we may have another 2 trips to plan. Nonetheless, as soon as we are ready, I’ll be in touch.

Consignment Security Manager, Note Printing Australia Ltd
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